PVC floors: in which environments to use them?

The bathroom is an area of ​​the house that is subject to humidity; the PVC coating for the bathroom is the effective choice to have a beautiful , finely decorated space without having to incur the formation of mold. To cover this environment you can, for example, recall the whiteness of porcelain stoneware or the delicacy of parquet best vinyl plank flooring in Lexington Park, MD.

PVC is usually used in densely trampled areas : its impact resistance makes it the most used product for flooring in shops and offices in general. You can choose to apply it in the hobby area or in the gym, as it is able to withstand the weight of tools and frequent stresses.

Why not decorate the kitchen by recalling the wood effect or the ceramic? PVC will allow you to satisfy all your aesthetic needs, without forgetting quality.By taking advantage of this type of covering, you can “play” with your imagination and choose to change the floor each time according to the style of the house.

PVC coatings manage to recapture not only the elegant shades of wood, but also the timeless splendor of marble, with an obviously more competitive price.

How to clean PVC flooring?

The PVC surfaces, in whatever finish they appear, are really pleasing from an aesthetic point of view. How to keep them in their state of splendor?

The choice of PVC flooring fits in with today’s lifestyle, where practicality is the dominant element-. In order to clean the floor , no special machinery is required , you just need to eliminate the dust and choose a detergent that is delicate.

In this way you will preserve the shine of the floor, without giving up having perfectly clean and sanitized environments. It is advisable not to use too much water to prevent it from causing infiltration and lifting of the flaps of the floor.

How to cover an old floor? PVC is among the materials to choose from

Those who move into a new home are often driven by the desire to renovate the rooms and give a personal touch to the space. To give originality to your home it is not necessary to start long (and expensive) renovations. PVC is often used in restyling projects, a surface with a perfect micro-thickness to be superimposed on the previous floor.