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Easy Recipes Using Thinly Sliced Meat

The most challenging part of cooking can be prepping the meal. Cutting vegetables into thin slices is complex and needs practice and techniques. Imagine having to cut hard meat. Cutting meat has to be precise and in the right direction. Especially if it has to be thinly sliced, it takes much time to get that right without butchering the meat and worrying about the delicious recipes you have to miss out on? Get it right with a compact meat slicer in your kitchen. It can work magic and make your prep time fun.

Here are some easy and delicious recipes to start cooking with the meat slicer.

Pasta with beef and red sauce

Choose a pasta of your choice. Let your pasta boil and cook it al-Dante and strain it. For the sauce, blend four big tomatoes, garlic cloves, two onions, and water and add salt. Could you not keep it too runny? Heat a pan, add olive oil, and heat it. Add the sauce, let it thicken, and add your favorite herbs.

Meanwhile, thinly slice the beef in a meat slicer and cook on a pan. Add pasta to the sauce and blend it well. Let the pasta soak in the sauce. Once done, add the beef to the pasta, add parmesan cheese and garnish it with parsley.

Beef Oriental Style

For marinate: Add egg white, soy sauce, white sesame oil, black pepper crushed, and a tablespoon of corn starch and whisk together. Add the sliced beef and marinate for 10 minutes.

Heat a large pan, add oil for searing the beef slices and cool them evenly. Transfer the beef to a clean plate after cooking and stir fry bell peppers and onion. Roast garlic in the same oil and toss everything together with some oyster sauce and black pepper powder.


Like this, you can make fillets of fish, pork, steak, and more. A meat slicer ensures perfect slices. It has controlled thickness adjustments and is designed to cut tough dried meat. You can slice bread, veggies, and cheese using the slicer. Choose from a range of thicknesses to cut your meat and other goodies within minutes.